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Japanese Public Holidays and Events Calendar

During long holidays such as the New Year (Dec. 29 to Jan. 3), Golden Week (Apr. 29 to May 5), and Bon (Aug. 13 to 15) it is difficult to secure accommodation as there are many visitors from all across Kyushu.

Japanese Public Holidays

Month Date Public Holidays
January January 1 New Year's Day
Second Monday of January Coming-of-Age Day
February February 11 National Foundation Day
March Around March 21 Vernal equinox
April April 29 Showa Day
May May 3 Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 Greenery Day
May 5 Cildren's Day
July Third Monday of July Marine Day
September Third Monday of September Respect-for-the-Aged Day
Around September 23 Autumnal equinox Day
October Second Monday of October Health and Sports Day
November November 3 Culture Day
November 23 Labor Thanksgiving Day
December December 23 The Emperor's Birthday

Event Calendar

Date National holiday
May 3 and 4
Hakata Dontaku Port Festival
This Festival boasts the largest turnout of people to any festival in Japan.Many people enjoy participating in the parade and stage performances,and a variety of events are held around the city.
July 1-15
Hakata Gion Yamakasa
This is a most dynamic festival representing Hakata.Kazary Yamakasa,or beautifully decorated floats,are on display around the city.The festival culminates in "Oiyama,"the final float race starting from Kushida Shrine early in the morning on July 15th.
August 1
Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks
This fireworks display boasts the biggest scale in the city with 6000 shots of fireworks and thousands of visitors. Fire works are shot off from the central island of a pond in Ohori Park, and you can see them from all around the lake.
Late Aug. to early Oct.
Asian Month
From late August thru early October,people can enjoy a variety of evets related to the cultures and peoples of Asia.
Middle Sep.
Focus on Asia-Fukuoka International Film Festival
Focus on Asia; Fukuoka International Film Festival started as one of the major events of Asian Month in 1991. As most of the films screened in the event every year are premieres, the event attracts many people from in and outside Fukuoka. This valuable event promotes discovery and cultivation of new talents while introducing excellent films of Asia to the world, deepening understanding of Asia through cultural and international exchanges.
Late Sep. to middle Oct.
Asian Pacific Festival
The Festival is a symbolic event of Asian Month which started in 1990. At Fureai Square set up in front of the city hall, various events, performances and Asian food stalls fascinate visitors all through 5 days with energy and charms of Asia.
Late Sep to Oct.
Music City Tenjin
During the event period, music events are held at concert halls and clubs of all around Tenjin. There are performances by professional musicians and also by selected amateurs.
Late Sep to Oct.
Tenjin Picnic

To share our future vision to improve the area of Tenjin and accomplish many good things in the city of Fukuoka, we are taking a variety of different measures such as building open-air cafes and pedestrian-only streets, and developing projects to lend shoppers baby strollers and to educate bicyclists about proper etiquette.

Early Nov.
Fukukoi Asian Dance Carnival
This is a new festival in Fukuoka created in 2000.IT is highlighted by "Fukuodori," or lively dancing by men and women of all ages.
Early November to December 25
Let's go to Tenjin Christmas Campaign

This Christmas event begins about a month and half before Christmas. Tenjin gets festive with beautiful light decorations and pleasant music.

Many different kinds of events and campaigns are held with a Christmas atmosphere. Christmas trees are put up in business facilities and parks, and streets get decorated with Christmas lights on trees.

November 16-20
Seimon barai

This is a huge annual sale that started in the Meiji period by Rihei Yahiro, a Hakata merchant. The sale is a way for businesses to show their appreciation to their customers.

The sale is held in Shinten-cho shopping arcade in Tenjin and other main shopping arcades in Fukuoka City.

1st sun. of Dec.
Fukuoka lnternational Open Marathon Championships

This is one of the most renowned international marathon championships in the world.Many first-class runners from home and abroad participate.

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