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Terumo Shrine / Temples and Shrines

The main gate of Terumo shrine

Atop 52 stone steps in Nishi Park, which is well-known for its cherry blossoms, you will find Terumo Shrine. The shrine is dedicated to Josui Kuroda, the founder of the Fukuoka domain, and Nagamasa Kuroda, the first chief of the domain.

Terumo shrine was originally located in Fukuoka castle. It was moved several times before ending up at its present location in Nishi park.

The bronze statue of Tahe Bori

The reason why the fresco on the ceiling of Terumo shrine has two dancing cranes on it, is because it was once located in Maizuru town which literally means 'Dancing Cranes'. When you throw coins into the collection box, a sensor activates a recording of cranes singing.

In the garden, there is a bronze statue of a famous Fukuoka domain samurai, Tahe Bori. He was the model for the well-known folk song, 'Kurodabushi'.

He has a spear in his right hand and a big cup in the left hand. In the story, he receives the best spear in Japan as a reward for consuming a giant cup of sake.

The real spear is displayed in the Fukuoka City Museum.

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